The Purpose of C2C Network

C2C network exists to be a catalyst for church planting and multiplication across North America. Our movement is built on a solid trust and dependence upon the Spirit of God.  We pray for workers, for finances, and for the appropriate locations and strategies, and God is answering those prayers!

What is the C2C network?

The C2C network is a uniquely Canadian, missions based network, that exists to see North America reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We take our name from Psalm 72:8; “May He have dominion from sea to sea, and from the river to the ends of the earth.”  This verse was suggested by Sir Leonard Tilley to the “Fathers of Confederation” in 1864 as the motto for Canada and is etched in stone over the east arch of the Peace Tower in Ottawa.

The C2C network is a relatively “young” movement.  It began as a regional department of the Mennonite Brethren (MB) Church in British Columbia (known as Church Planting BC) but grew to include planters from a wide variety of evangelical denominations.  By the end of 2015, planters from over 20 denominations were partnering with C2C to plant Gospel-Centered, Spirit-Led, Mission-Focused churches.  Recognizing that no single denomination will be able to reach Canada alone, we believe we are stronger when we work together, therefore the C2Cnetwork is unapologetically interdenominational.

Through the generosity of the Canadian Conference of MB Churches, C2C is able to offer support to a growing number of denominations, helping them to assess, train and coach church planters.   C2C also raises funds in order to financially support these planters.  We honour each denomination’s heritage and confessional documents while asking planters to affirm three common values:

Gospel Centered

Gospel Centered means that the person and work of Jesus Christ must be at the center in each of our plants. Rather than focusing on some particular “cause” we want to focus on a “person.” That person, and His NAME is where salvation is found, so we unapologetically keep the gospel message at the center of our mission, our preaching, our lives, and our strategies.  We understand the Gospel to entail the entire story of God’s redemptive plan to restore humanity and the creation to its original glory and design.  This redemption plan culminates in the person and work of Jesus Christ, and outside Him, there is no other salvation.


Spirit-Led simply means that we rely totally upon the Spirit of God to call planters into the harvest, to lead us to the locations where He has already chosen to establish His church, and to provide all the resources we need to carry out His work. This IS after all HIS church, so we strive to depend totally upon the leadership of the Holy Spirit, through His Word, His people, and the clarion call of His voice! Prayer saturation is perhaps the key “spiritual strategy” that we see as our part – the rest we rely totally upon Him!

Mission Focused

Mission-focused reminds us of the outward “face” the church MUST have if we are going to be faithful to the commission of Jesus Christ. We are a SENT people and are called to live “on mission” for Him.  No matter how you interpret the statistics, we know that the vast majority of Canadians are “outside the voice of the Gospel.”  These people represent our mission-field, and keeping their needs and their faces in front of us at all times is a key focus of our ministry.