(1 Timothy 4:16)

Most of us understand the extraordinary seriousness of pastoral ministry and why we have committed a good portion of our lives to this great calling – that isn’t in question. However, as we go about fighting the good fight and running the race set before us, there can be a tendency to focus on the here and now and forget that we're running a marathon of cosmic proportions. That being the case, what might be rhythms we can embrace to help us care for our spiritual, social and physical well-beings that would enable us to better serve over the long term in this great calling as ministers of the gospel.

  • Cadre Oversight: Chad MacDonald

  • Guest Speaker: Steve Savage (LifeBridge Church)

  • Gospel Meditation: Bradford Rogers (Deepwater Church)

  • Kingdom Centered Prayer: Brad Somers (PAX North Church)

Pizza lunch provided; All are welcome.

Thursday, November 22
10:00am - 1:00pm

Multiply Office
(145 Hobsons Lake Drive, Halifax, NS)