Luc & Lise Chausse

L'Eglise dans Lanaudière
L'Assomption, Québec

Sundays @ 10:00am
1115 Boulevard L'ange-Gardien Nord
L'Assomption, Québec

In 1983, Luc completed his medical study. In 1990, after a few years of practicing as a medical doctor, Luc and his wife Lise went for a long trip with their three children that brought them in several countries including Mexico. It is while they were in this country that they met some missionaries who were serving there. These missionaries invited Luc and Lise to stay with them since they needed a doctor for their medical clinic. In 1991 while they were serving in the clinic, Luc and Lise gave their life to Jesus and continued to stay in Mexico and serve for five years.

As they were serving in Mexico, they felt a desire to return to Quebec to serve the people of their region. While they were serving among the poorest people in Mexico, they were seeing that many were happy and in peace despite their poverty. On the other hand, they were becoming more aware of the needs of their compatriots: anxiety, depression, broken families, couples in difficulties, high rates of suicide, addiction, search and thirst for truth, thirst for justice, need of spirituality, etc. Having been restored by God they knew that Jesus would be able to do the same for their people.

So they moved back to Quebec in the city of L’Assomption at the East of the island of Montreal with the desire to plant a Church. They joined the church, Centre Chrétien Métropolitain, in Montreal and they began a home group in their home in l’Assomption that slowly grew with local conversions. In the same time Luc was working full time as a medical doctor in this small town.

Their heart for the local mission and the desire to make Jesus known has been displayed in such a way that their home group was constantly growing. With time Luc made the choice to gradually reduced his medical practice down to two days a week to be able to consecrate his time to the follow up of new believers and the church plant. It is at the beginning of 2013 that the church, l’Église dans Lanaudière, was born.

In their beginning the group was gathering in a community centre, but since their community of faith was continuing to multiply the need of a larger space became a necessity and God opened doors.

He guided them to buy a building and open a reception room since a religious building was not permitted in this area by the city of L’Assomption. Luc and his team recognized, by this direction, the heart of Jesus, being himself among non-believers. The reception room that they open on June 18, 2016 allowed them not only to be used for their gathering and to do their own Church activities, but also keeps them in the middle of the community as Jesus has asked us (John 17) to shine and reflect the love of Jesus.

L’Église dans Lanaudière continue to bear fruit and to grow with a heart for those who don’t know Jesus in the city of L'Assomption and the Lanaudiere region. Today Luc and Lise have four children and five grand children.