Bob & Vida (Song) Cui

Surrey Grace Mandarin Church
Surrey, British Columbia

Sundays @ 2:30pm
6230 120th Street
Surrey, British Columbia

Burnaby Pacific Grace Mandarin Church (PGMC) was planted in 1998 with the assistance of the MB Conference. The Surrey PGMC is the second church planted by PGMC (the first was Maple Ridge PGMC which was planted in 2006). We praise God for his grace in allowing PGMC to grow, and plant more churches in the process.

Pastor Bob Cui and Vida Song are the church planters at Surrey PGMC. They both went to seminary in Hong Kong. Upon returning to Vancouver in the summer of 2009, they quickly discovered the needs of the many Mandarin speakers in Surrey. Surrey is the biggest municipality in Metro Vancouver. It is also a culturally diverse city. With the rapid development and relatively affordable housing, many Chinese immigrants have moved into Surrey. Hence, Surrey is a vast mission field and PGMC is grateful to be able to partner with C2C network in starting a new church here.

Please continue to pray for the following:

  1. Pray for Bob and Vida and their family so they will have a smooth transition to this new commitment and ask the Lord to be with them during their service to the Lord.
  2. Pray for the few active members of the Church. Ask the Lord to guide them and let them establish their spiritual devotion to Christ alone. Let them serve as good examples in Christ during the meetings and services.
  3. Pray to the Lord to help us prepare people who offer their services to the Lord and ask the Lord to bless their families and works.