Vinh & Laura Doan

Village Church Calgary
Calgary, Alberta

Sundays @ 9:30am
Taylor Centre for the Performing Arts (Bella Concert Hall)
18 Mount Royal Circle SW

Calgary, Alberta

Laura was born and raised in Calgary but sadly, Vinh was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. How they ended up together was only by the grace of Jesus. Vinh has been in ministry for over 13 years and has been serving in Canada for two of those years. Practically running from the call, Vinh found himself going against everything he knew and his comforts of ministry to be on a new venture towards a new direction where he knows nothing about.

The Doan’s (with a baby on the way) have responded to Christ’s call to be on a journey to Church plant in Northwest Calgary. It was not what they have preferred or wanted, but Jesus has made it clear that they are to reach out to the area called Huntington Hills where they are to make Him known and preach the Gospel. With the near arrival of their first child and the journey in church planting, they are terrified but excited to see how God will work in their lives these coming years.