Jeff & Ruth Scott

WestVillage Church
Ottawa, Ontario

Sundays @ 10:00am
Notre Dame High School (Auditorium)
710 Broadview Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario

Being born and raised in Ottawa, Jeff and Ruth, love their city and have a heart to see people in our nation’s capital come to know and follow Jesus. Living in the heart of Westboro, the Scotts are highschool sweethearts and have four crazy awesome kids: Gabriel, Joel, Thomas, and Violet. When not enjoying time at the neighbourhood park or beach, Jeff and Ruth drink LOTS of great coffee (four kids, remember!), running, and good books & movies.
Beyond being a full-time mom, Ruth is also a registered nurse at the local hospital. Jeff has his Bachelors in Religious Studies and a Masters in Theological Studies, and is an ordained minister with the Associated Gospel Churches of Canada. He has served as an intern in churches in Oakville and Ottawa, before pastoring a large and thriving young adult group at the Metropolitan Bible Church.

Jeff has a passion for honest, straightforward, real and practical-for-life-today teaching of the Bible that stems from a firm belief that it’s message about Jesus and a life lived knowing and following Him is ultimately the most important thing any of us can ever know and center our lives upon.