Ben & Jen Jolliffe

Resurrection Church
Ottawa, Ontario

Sundays @ 8:30am & 10:45am
Orpheus Musical Theatre Society
17 Fairmont Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario

My wife Jen and I were both born and raised in Ontario. We are a little bit small town, a little bit big city, having lived in both for various periods of our lives. We both worked for Power to Change (née Campus Crusade for Christ) for a number of years before transitioning to the church world. I went to seminary at Reformed Theological Seminary while working for Grace Toronto. While not being a pastor, I like to pretend that I own and run a coffee shop/bookstore/t-shirt making shop/design studio.

We have three kids, Sara, Luke and Ian. They are nutty, a little dramatic and a lot of fun. As a family we enjoy the outdoors, coffee shops, splash pads, waffles, BBQ’ing and naps.