Step 2 of 3: How Your Church Can Get Involved

You may be several years away from planting a daughter church, however, there are steps you can take immediately to "prime the pump" for church planting, and to create a church-planting awareness in your congregation.  If the long-range goal is for your church to become a church-planting-church-church; here are some "baby steps" that will move you toward that end-goal.


1. Pray

Pray for leaders, for a passion, for resources, for existing church plants.

Join our prayer team

2. Adopt a Church

Partner with a church planting team as a missionary project.

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3. Support C2C network financially

Every dollar counts and is used to assess, coach, train, and support church planting nationally.

Give to C2C network

4. Plant a New Church or a Multi-site

We exist to help you through the entire purpose. 

5. Become a Sending Church for a Church Plant

Best Practices of a Sending Church