THRIVE — Hosting

THRIVE — Hosting


Receive a direct link and access code to the live-stream for hosting the cadre at your venue. (Emailed to you on the day of the cadre.)


Checklist for Remote Location Live-Streaming

  • Please make sure that the computer you are going to be streaming the live event from is connected with a wired (ethernet cable) connection. Live-streaming over Wi-Fi is NOT recommended.
  • Please do a speed test ( before starting the live-stream, so you are aware of the amount of download bandwidth you have to stream with. Anything less than a steady 2mbps is deemed critical and the stream may not play back cleanly, any lower than 1.5mbps and the stream may not play back at all.
  • Internet activity on-site by event attendees may cause the bandwidth to drop to the point that the stream becomes unstable.