Jim & Jacqie Wiseman

Walls of Freedom
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Sundays @ 3:00pm
294 Ellen Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Jim and Jacqie Wiseman pastor Walls of Freedom Outreach, an outreach concept church in the core area of Winnipeg. We will have been married for 6 years in September. Walls of Freedom began operating as a small outreach in the core area of Winnipeg in the summer of 2007. We joined with the Mennonite Brethren of Manitoba in 2011. Both Jim and Jacqie had been involved in a similar ministry in the north end of the city for a number of years. Jim was the founding director of Restoration House Outreach, which later became Springs Inner City, and continued there for 18 years; Jacqie volunteered there for 8 years before we moved to the core area to begin Walls of Freedom Outreach. So essentially we had already been doing this type of work long before Walls of Freedom became a reality.

The change came as we saw the incredible need in the core area, equal to if not greater than the need in the north end where we had been located. Making the change came without question. Although we both saw the need for and loved the work at Springs Inner City we saw the need to extend the ministry into the core area. We left Springs Inner City in capable hands, and made the move while trying to cause as little disruption as possible to that ministry. Neither one of us looked back after the unmistakable call of God to inner city work that we each had independently received years earlier.

We both were tremendously moved by the need in the core area, and the need for the church to make some positive impact to the social decay evident everywhere. We meet people on a daily basis who don’t relate to the traditional church, amidst the dismay of daily life. Our goal is to find ways to make the love of Christ meaningful to people whose concerns for daily survival are urgent. We know that God cares for the poor, the underprivileged, those without a home, in prison, or in need. Our strength and vision come from Him alone. He is our source. We have had many encounters that could have come from God alone. We see needs filled and lives changed on a regular basis, even though it is not as often as our human hearts would sometimes like.